slave4you-brittany said:
"What about me, Tana? Don't you like that I'm here?"

You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me, Britt. But no, I don’t like that you’re here. I wish you weren’t here.

Anonymous said:
"What's your favorite thing about living in the mansion?"

You’re kidding, right? Please say you are.

Anonymous said:
"What's your spirit animal?"

Hmmmm. Probably a tigress or something.

Anonymous said:
"Black, white, or gray?"


Anonymous said:
"What's your favorite Disney movie?"

Mulan. She’s always been my role model — she is probably the bravest girl I’ve known other than my madre.

…oh, and Rachel.

Anonymous said:
"Do you have a "type"? And if so, what is it?"

You mean as in type of boy/girl? Well uh, I don’t really have any physical preferences to be quite honest since I could say I like blondes then fall in love with a brunette, for instance. There’s no point on that.

As of other than physical features, I like people who don’t underestimate me, who is aware of my gifts as well as of my flaws. I like someone who makes me laugh, feel loved, proud and especially comfortable, someone who reminds me what it’s like to feel like home. I like someone brave, a fighter, someone who doesn’t give up easily, someone who’s there for me through thick and thin.

Anonymous said:
"What's your favorite scent?"

I love it when it smells like rain.

Anonymous said:
"Would you rather have your own kids, or adopt?"

While I have never considered that idea being stuck in this place, I say whatever happens it’s okay with me. I would love having my own children, yet I’m not opposed to adopting either.


slave4you-brittany replied to your post: So I’m probably going to be around from…

Say she’s sick?

Then she’d have to be sick for a very long time and it would be unrealistic hahaha but thanks for your suggestion honey :3




Maybe she’s suffering the same fate as Rachel was?

What do you mean honey? I’m loooost ;_;